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Accounting and Bookkeeping Process Automation
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Receipt Bank

Monitor Jobs In Real Time | Invoice Clients Fast | Customise Your Reports | Reduce Overheads | Sync Client Data

About Receipt Bank

Receipt Bank is the simplest way to get your client data into Xero! Say goodbye to chasing and data entry. Spend more time growing your business.

Receipt Bank is the easiest way for accountants and bookkeepers to get the information they need from their clients, with no chasing paperwork and no data entry.

Your clients submit their receipts, bills and invoices via their personalized Receipt Bank email address or our handy mobile app, and our world-class OCR data extraction technology provides you with all the key information. All that’s left to do is review and publish to Xero in one click.

With data entry out of the equation, you can spend your time growing your firm, investing in client relationships, or maybe just doing more of what you love.

Work smarter. Grow faster.

Explore all the features of Receipt Bank.

Our Review

“You need people who are more client-facing, who have good communication skills and can talk to clients. Using Receipt Bank and other cloud-based tools has enabled efficient growth, and more time to spend problem-solving with staff and developing the team. The amount I’ve seen my team develop and increase efficiency through five-minute conversations has been incredible. It’s a leap forward in efficiencies and staff development.”


Dave Gorte
Founder - Sky Books


Automated Bookkeeping | Capture Bills & Receipts | Match Transactions With Your Bank Feed | Access Verified Financial Data

About Hubdoc

Hubdoc is Xero’s data capture tool. Hubdoc and Xero together make bookkeeping seamless – unlocking valuable insights about your business.

Hubdoc reduces data entry by accurately capturing information from bills and receipts and publishing it to Xero; making it easy to match transactions to the Xero bank feed. Hubdoc is included in Xero Starter, Standard and Premium plans.

With Hubdoc, you can capture bills and receipts using any device including your mobile, email or scanner. Once uploaded, the key information is automatically extracted and ready to publish to Xero with the original bill or receipt attached.

Bills and receipts show up in Xero as accurately categorised transactions that are ready to match with your bank feed for an up-to-date view of your financials.

All your bills and receipts are securely stored in the cloud; searchable and easy to access from anywhere in the world.

Explore all the features of Hubdoc.

Our Review

“When our advisor introduced Glade Consulting to Hubdoc, we knew it was going to be a great change. Before, I would spend two to three hours sorting, scanning, then sending my documents. Now, it’s all done in about half an hour because it’s an easy photo and then it’s done.”


Richard Dolman

Founder and Lead Consultant at Glade Consulting

Job Management Apps

Automate more of your construction or trade business with apps that let you get on with the job.



Manage Schedules, Staff & Customers | Access Client Jobs and Details, Anywhere | Sync Invoices to Xero 

About ServiceM8

ServiceM8 is a smart job management app which empowers trades & service business owners to run a better business & improve their lifestyle.

ServiceM8 integrates seamlessly with Xero, allowing you to manage any field service business from a client’s first call through to job completion, invoicing and payment.

It’s cloud-based software for trade contractors & service businesses like plumbers, electricians, locksmiths & cleaners — any kind of business that manages jobs & staff in the field, ranging in size from sole operators up to 20 staff.

ServiceM8 streamlines the front-end job management, from a client’s first call through to scheduling, customer communication, quoting, job documentation, invoicing & payment. From there, it integrates with Xero to form an end-to-end field service package.

Explore all the features of ServiceM8.

Our Review

"Every single aspect of our business has been improved by implementing ServiceM8. It’s probably the best business decision I’ve ever made."


Tom Martin

Water Tight Canberra


Job Management | Billing Flexibility | Send Proposals Immediately | Practice Automation 

About GeoOp

Imagine a life free of paperwork. No more searching for lost job details, chasing your team for updates or spending your weekends catching up on admin.

That’s why we choose Geo – easy-to-use job management software that’s trusted by almost 20,000 users worldwide.

Geo lets you store job notes and records in the one place digitally, generate professional-looking quotes and invoices quickly, and keep your team and customers up-to-date on the important things.

What’s more, Geo easily integrates with XeroMYOB and QuickBooks, so you can manage your payroll and timesheets, and track job costs and profitability, all from the palm of your hand.

Explore all the features of GeoOp.

Our Review

“When we first looked at Geo, we could see that information was available immediately to anybody on site or in the office. It was available on any screen. Even if you’re not at work, you can log in at home. It’s that kind of thing that we’ve missed in the past.”

Ken Mackay 

Appliance Pros

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