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App Directory for Hospitality

Whether you run a leading restaurant or a local cafe, cloud apps can help you run your hospitality business.


Fast & Easy Cloud Based POS | Zero Learning Curve | Fast & Efficientt | Simple To Manage

About Kounta

A modern-day POS that's intuitive, quick to set up and simple to navigate. New staff can familiarise themselves with the layout in minutes, whilst the savviest of operators can fulfil their needs with detailed reports and powerful hospitality features. Making changes on the fly is as easy as a few quick taps of your fingers, and our support team is available to you 24/7. Plus Kounta connects seamlessly to the hospitality tools you know and love.

Don’t let manual processes slow down your growth. Automate away the hassle of data entry and save precious time by syncing daily reconciliation, invoices, customer & supplier details, and more.


Keen for a real-time view of your business' performance? Associate sales & costs to products to see what's making you money and what's not. Or get creative with advanced mapping for limitless insights.

Not only do businesses who connect Kounta to Xero unlock hospitality’s best point of sale, they also save 3 hours, on average, in admin every week.

Explore all the features of Kounta.

Our Review

“Kounta provided the perfect option to replace our clunky and outdated point of sale with a system that is simple to use and configure, and one that we could deploy quickly..”



Employee Rostering | Timesheets & Awards Compliance | Workforce Optimisation

About Deputy

Deputy is the ultimate employee management tool, connecting businesses and employees seamlessly through technology. By simplifying rostering, timesheets, tasks, team communication and Award Interpretation.

Roster your staff in minutes, handle unexpected changes, view real-time workforce performance, and simplify your day-to-day admin.

Connect Deputy and Xero to calculate overtime, penalty rates, leave loading, and salary costing with every shift, as well as saving hours in payroll processing time.

Explore all the features of Deputy.

Our Review

“Since being on Deputy we haven't had to ask any of our employees to work overtime.”


Jeremy Konko

The Platform Group Gallery


On-board Employees | Automate Pay Runs | Workforce Optimisation


Tanda helps businesses manage rostering, timesheets, and payroll. Spend less time and effort on administrative tasks, and more time growing and expanding your business.

Tanda collates your workforce data, timesheets, and pay rates for automatic and accurate calculation of your employees’ gross wages. Tanda then exports these award-interpreted timesheets directly into your Xero payroll software, ready to be processed for your next pay run.

Pay staff correctly for the time they work. Scheduling, time clock attendance, award interpretation & pay calculation with Xero payroll. Get the most from your workforce!

Explore all the features of TANDA.

Our Review

“TANDA will be an essential tool for us moving forward as it will scale effortlessly.”


Andres Shub

CEO at Mon Purse


Seamless and Simple Ordering | Improve Payments and Cashflow | Designed to benefit both the wholesale supplier and venues

About Ordermentum

Ordermentum is an order management system for food and beverage businesses that provides easy ordering, automated payments that link directly to your accounting platform, and data based insights to help identify growth opportunities.

Ordermentum integrates with Xero to automatically sync your ordering and invoice information. When your customer places an order or makes a payment, Xero updates automatically. Save hours of time and eliminate manual data entry.

Explore all the features of Ordermentum.

Our Review

“Will definitely be using Ordermentum again!”


Lisa Hill
Botany Buzz

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