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App Spotlight for December 2020 - Ordermentum

Once a month, the App Advisor team will be bringing you an in-depth breakdown of one of Xero's standout apps. We'll analyse how the app stacks up against competitors, features, pricing and our honest thoughts from our own experience working with it.

Our app spotlight for December 2020 is Ordermentum

This month we'll be reviewing and celebrating Ordermentum's order management system and their contributions towards helping small businesses succeed.


Ordermentum is an online ordering, payments and insights platform custom built for food and beverage businesses that provides easy ordering, automated payments that link directly to your accounting platform, and data based insights to help identify growth opportunities. Pretty nifty hey!

Born out of the realisation that business to business ordering was not keeping pace with the significant technical advances in the consumer web ordering landscape, Adam Theobald and Andrew Low founded Ordermentum in 2014. Headquartered in Sydney, Ordermentum now connects over 60,000 cafes, bars, and restaurants across Australia with suppliers, helping to increase business efficiencies, grow sales and improve profitability. They work with some of the largest suppliers on the market such as Lion, all the way through to speciality brands like ONA Coffee. App Advisor have recently integrated Ordermentum, Shopify, Unleashed and Xero for ONA Coffee’s Roasting business.

Designed to benefit both the wholesaler and the venues they supply, Ordermentum was built for wholesalers & distributors whose customers order on a regular basis. Wholesalers & distributors customers can place orders on their smart phones, tablets & computers eliminating the need for you to take orders in person, over the phone, by fax or email.

Ordermentum is adaptable for any size business meaning it can be used as a complete solution with ordering, pick & pack all the way through to delivery or alternatively integrated with the users current systems and processes.

Workflow Process

With their super easy to use mobile app, Ordermentum provides a reasonably seamless workflow for the supplier. Here's the process to how Ordermentum works from the suppliers end: 1. Customer Places Order

2. Ordermentum user receives order

3. Invoice syncs to accounts

4. Pick slip is generated

5. Customer's order gets delivered

6. Customer is charged

7. Payment is auto-settled

Here's how the process looks from the retailer's end:

1. Receive reminder

2. Place order

3. Instantly confirmed

4. Supplier fulfils

5. Order delivered

6. Payment terms set

7. Automatic payment

Their mobile app does a fantastic job of keeping both parties informed throughout the ordering process and this is largely due to the depth of the features they've incorporated into their software.


Ordermentum has incorporated features like text reminders to remind your customers when orders are due. A cool, innovative feature we like is the ability to let your customers set recurring orders, so they never miss cut-off.

Ordermentum can also be tailored to your brand. By uploading your logo and own images your customers will enjoy a seamless branded ordering & payment experience.

In regards to their payment options, customers have the option of paying credit card, debit card, direct debit or on statement. They also have the option of paying when they place their order, delaying payment for a set number of days or statements based on days of the month set by you.

Here's some more of their features: 1. Schedule in advance - order for tomorrow, next week or any date you choose.

2. Individual product ranges - show each customer a bespoke product offering.

3. Automatic credit card payments - give multiple payment options, including credit cards, charged according to your existing terms.

4. Automatically generates pick slips - Export/print pick and delivery slips to eliminate manual data entry.

5. Custom pricing - show different prices to different customers.

Integration with Xero

Ordermentum integrates with Xero to automatically sync your ordering and invoice information. When a customer places an order or makes a payment, Xero updates automatically which saves countless hours of time in the long run and eliminates the need for manual data entry. No more death by Excel! Another benefit to utilising Xero and Ordermentum together is that it drastically reduces the time needed to get your Ordermentum platform set-up and operating.

If you use Xero you can be set up in less than an hour!

Need more? Ordermentum Integrates with Unleashed too

So your business is a little more complicated and requires some additional functionality. Unleashed is a Production & Inventory Management app that integrate with both Xero and Ordermentum. Connecting Ordermentum to Unleashed means that all orders that are placed via Ordermentum are automatically synced across to Unleashed. Once the order is shipped, an invoice is sent to Xero. If you're interested in learning more about how Xero, Ordermentum and Unleashed integrate, contact us at App Advisor and we'll walk you through it.


Ordermentum have absolutely incredible support available to their users. They're prompt, knowledgeable and highly professional. When we've worked with them, they've always been a delight to deal with. They have dedicated 24/7 email, telephone and web enquiry support systems set up and their response times are lightning fast.

On top of the initial face to face/over the phone training to get you up and running you’ll also have access to their user guides providing step-by-step instructions on how to use Ordermentum.

We deal with a range of different cloud-based app providers on a daily basis and Ordermentum sits right at the top of the tree when it comes to their general support.

Not to mention, if you're ever stuck you can always contact us at App Advisor and we can help find solutions to your issues.


Ordermentum have been proactive in developing the platform in line with client requests & improvements. Our experience with their support has been incredible with awesome response times to some complicated scenarios. We believe the app is worth serious consideration and delivers time and cost savings to both the supplier and the retailer.

Our rating - 5 Stars.

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