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Services and Pricing

Welcome to our services and pricing page.
Here you will find a range of support services we offer after implementation!
  • AD-Hoc Support#1 Bronze#2 Silver#3 Gold

  •                           Included                       OptionalIDEAL FOR:
    Organisations where software is not critical to business peformanceIDEAL FOR:
    Organisations with their own IT support teamIDEAL FOR:
    Organisations who just need it sorted by someone elseIDEAL FOR:
    Customer with complex, custom solutions

  • Pricing$250 per hour$100 per month$250 per month$500 per month

  • Remote Support

  • Unlimited Service Desk
    ▪ Telephone Support 9.00am to 5.00pm (ACST)
    ▪ Freecall 1300 Number
    ▪ User questions (Lvl 1)
    ▪ Logging tickets / faults (via Portal / phone)
    ▪ Over the phone fault diagnosis24 Hour Response Time4 Hour Response Time30 mins Response Time

  • Remote Diagnostics
    ▪ Remote access
    ▪ Fault finding
    ▪ System configuration changes (if needed)

  • Professional ServicesAD-Hoc Support#1 Bronze#2 Silver#3 Gold

  • Onsite Labour
    ▪ Onsite support to for restoration (diagnose, repair, replace)
    ▪ Includes software programmers, engineers (if req'd)
    ▪ Includes return visits to replace hardware, loan hardware etc
    ▪ Available within 50kms of Australian Capital CBDMin 3 hr charge, no SLA re onsite timingMin 3 hr charge, no SLA re onsite timingNBD onsite if call logged before 12pmSame Day if call logged before 12pm

  • Software Assurance
    ▪ Upload vendor firmware if needed to fix fault


  • Vendor License Management
    ▪ Ensure license maintenance support with Vendors is up to date
    ▪ We track software updates released from Vendors and advise on their suitability for implementation in your system.


  • Software Upgrade Management
    ▪ Major version release implementation
    ▪ Out of business hours (between 5.00pm-11.59pm)
    ▪ 1 major release per annum
    ▪ Change Management


  • Fault Reporting Upgrade Management
    ▪Performance Reporting
    ▪Includes all faults logged, resolutions, trends etc

    Half YearlyQuarterly

  • Proactive Onsite Maintenance Visits/Checks
    ▪ Full health check of system
    ▪ Check all system operation, user experience, cables etc
    ▪ Written report after each visit

    Half YearlyQuarterly

  • User Adoption Management
    ▪ Full health check of system
    ▪ Collects user & adoption feedback through online surveys
    ▪ Examines the data collected to identify potential improvements and hotspot/trend reporting.
    ▪ We discuss emerging technology patterns and the functionality of each space and whether it meets the user requirements, the user interface suits the workflow, and how the user experience is rated.
    ▪ Written report include recommendations for improvements


  • Hardware AD-Hoc Support#1 Bronze#2 Silver#3 Gold

  • Warranty Management
    ▪ Liaise with vendors / manufacturers to repair, replace hardware in line with standard warranties
    ▪ Turnaround time will be as per vendor warranty process (could be up to 2 week turnaround depending on vendor)

  • Loan Equipment
    ▪ Loan hardware provided while awaiting vendor repair/replacement
    ▪ Hardware shipped from Aust-based warehouse next day (if fault diagnosed before 12pm)
    ▪ Equipment loaned to be same or functionally similar 

  • Lifecycle Replacement Equipment
    ▪ Covers all "out of warranty" hardware in the event of failure
    ▪ "Like for Like" replacement at no cost to customer
    ▪ Consumables / accidental breakage included (up to value of $200)


  • Freight (from you)
    ▪ Freight/delivery costs covered from your location to supplier/vendor/our location for product repair/replacement

    Inc. pickup by us where necessaryInc. pickup by us where necessary

  • Freight (to you)
    ▪ Freight/delivery costs covered from the supplier/vendor/us to you for repaired/replaced productOnly during warranty period by us where necessaryInc. delivery by us where necessary

  • Other Managed ServicesAD-Hoc Support#1 Bronze#2 Silver#3 Gold

  • VIP / Event Support
    Onsite event support services include:

    ▪ assistance in event set up, pre-test procedures, real time event support and post event pull down
    ▪ Covers Audio (microphones, speakers, video conferencing), Video (displays, video conferencing) and Control (DSP, rack equipment, user interfaces


  • Onsite Concierge
    We provide dedicated technology experts to support end users with the adoption of workflow technology change & uptake. They can be delivered as an adhoc hourly service, or full time. Typical duties include user training, onsite support staff, assistance in meeting set up, pre-test procedures, real time meeting support. They will monitor room usage, the user experience in each room, & the status of the overall audiovisual solution.


  • Go Live Support
    We can place a concierge support person fulltime onsite for the first few days after a solution goes live as a dedicated technology expert to support end users, and who may also return at regular intervals to review space usage and provide additional training and support.


  • Customised Managed Services
    ▪ Address Book management
    ▪ Onsite staff
    ▪ Monitoring
    ▪ Daily health checks
    ▪ Reporting (usage, capacity, tickets, performance etc)
    ▪ Alerts
    ▪ Config monitoring
    ▪ Capacity management
    ▪ Event management
    ▪ Conferencing monitoring / management
    ▪ Hosted services
    ▪ Portal
    ▪ Backups
    ▪ Provisioning
    ▪ Asset ManagementCustomCustomCustom

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